Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Screening and Support in Aurorais working to engage constituents during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life – from pregnancy to the child’s second birthday – in order to identify barriers and solutions, understand existing policies and develop an action plan for coordinating data collection with primary care practices.

Key Partners

  • Together Colorado​
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado​
  • Tri-County Health Department​

In partnership with:

  • Aurora Health Access​
  • CCHAP​
  • Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved​

Obstacles to Health and Identified Health Challenges

  • Transportation and economic challenges
  • Lack of affordable/quality housing
  • Access to healthy food​
  • High rates of injury, hospitalization, chronic disease
  • Developmental delays, post-partum depression, drug and alcohol abuse ​


Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Screening and Support in Aurora (IABHSSA) targets three zip codes in Aurora, Colorado that experience significant socio-economic disparities. Children living in these zip codes face many complex challenges that contribute to poor short-term and long-term health outcomes.​

IABHSSA builds upon past successful efforts to ensure that the medical homes and other direct service sites are better equipped to provide developmental, psychosocial, and maternal well-being screenings. When challenges or needs are identified, this project will help to connect families to a rich network of both clinical and community-based resources to address their needs.​

IABHSSA Action Plan: ​

  1. Use “whole family approach” to identify barriers and develop solutions to obtaining behavioral health services, especially as relevant to the prenatal population and children younger than 2 years old.​
  2. Work to understand the underlying policies, programs and resources that are contributing to existing health inequities in these zip codes and work together to develop upstream solutions.​