The U.S. ranks near the bottom among the world’s wealthiest nations in infant mortality. What can we do to better ensure mothers and children are healthy? How can we create equitable opportunities for all to make healthy choices and be heard?

PBS NewsHour visited the BUILD Health Challenge partnership, Avondale Children Thrive, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to see how their innovative, multisector partnership model is giving mothers and children in Avondale opportunities to be healthy outside of doctor’s offices. The story originally aired on December 27, 2018.

Hear from a local mom, a health champion, and Avondale Children Thrive representatives who share their stories about the trusted network of community leaders and health champions from the neighborhood that are committed to supporting residents and addressing maternal and child health from pregnancy to early childhood.

Avondale Children Thrive is led by The Community Builders, a local housing developer, and works in partnership with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the City of Cincinnati Health Department, and others.