Payette County Health Action Team (PCHAT) is a rural Idaho community collaborative, engaging residents to address housing needs. PCHAT uses collective impact to streamline and improve preventative services in order to address social influencers of health. We engage municipal and school district leaders in addressing inequities among Hispanic and Latinx residents. PCHAT will increase our reach and build capacity to address ongoing health needs while modeling processes of engagement for other rural communities.


BUILD and its communities apply bold, upstream, integrated, local, and data-driven (BUILD) approaches to improve health in communities that are adversely affected by upstream factors.


BUILD Payette will advance social and racial justice by centering unheard voices through Community Champions for resident engagement. We will conduct Listening Sessions with residents focused on hearing how affordable housing design can be culturally appropriate, have needed amenities and services, and be desirable for Payette. PCHAT will support advocacy trainings for underrepresented community members on speaking out and organizing.


BUILD Payette will bring affordable housing stock to the community and focus on food security, childcare, job attainment, and other needs identified through the resident engagement activities. PCHAT will also coordinate other local efforts to revitalize downtown Payette and connect residents to resources.


Payette County Health Action Team (PCHAT) is a cross-sector collaborative, will serve as BUILD Payette’s steering committee. PCHAT members are ready to adopt unified goals and a shared vision for the health and wellbeing of Payette. The strong partnership between the public health department, healthcare systems, health plans, nonprofits, and community residents instill trust that PCHAT is equipped to address inequities and overcome barriers. PCHAT will continue to grow its membership.


BUILD Payette activities will be anchored in local needs. PCHAT/EC members have strong community relationships and a commitment to reach those who are most vulnerable. There will be listening sessions throughout the process with a variety of locations and times with local interpreters.  Community Champions will be hired within Payette as trusted community members to further engage their personal networks to bring more voices to the table, which will be centered in ongoing BUILD Payette work.


BUILD Payette leaders are committed to providing data from their respective organizations toward BUILD Payette activities. Health systems will share the 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment and online health data atlas findings which include quantitative and qualitative data for Payette. WICAP-Payette County will share program utilization data and will use their client base for additional qualitative feedback. Southwest District Health will share program utilization and pop health data.