The primary health aim of Build Trust, Build Health is to reduce disparities of obesity in the White Horse Road Corridor (WHRC) Hispanic youth, mitigating future disparities in chronic disease. To achieve this, we will build a trusting and inclusive community where WHRC residents not only have equitable access to health and health-promoting resources such as healthy eating and active living, but are comfortable in utilizing them. We will achieve this through a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach that will engage leaders and community members in each stage of the process, from study design to dissemination, as we work to increase understanding of the underlying causes of youth obesity and potential solutions for this community.


BUILD and its communities apply bold, upstream, integrated, local, and data-driven (BUILD) approaches to improve health in communities that are adversely affected by upstream factors.


Build Trust, Build Health will focus on BOLD system changes that will unite stakeholders to impact the health of the Hispanic community. In Greenville, many community organizations do not have a consistent voice from the Hispanic community despite being the fastest growing group in the county. To cultivate a culture where the Hispanic community can succeed, organizations across the county need to better understand the needs of this population and break down disparities to support health.


Overtime, this initiative will result in a community-owned and data-driven action plan that addresses the upstream factors of youth obesity in the WHRC. Building consensus and investment across community-based organizations and Hispanic community stakeholders will result in sustainable initiatives that have the potential for population-level impact. We anticipate that upstream issues such as poverty, stable housing and transportation will emerge as priorities.


Hispanic Alliance serves as a trusted resource in the Hispanic community and has a history of convening and building capacity in community leaders and organizations to address their needs. These strengths will be integrated into LiveWell Greenville in their fullest capacity with the joint hire of a bicultural employee to coordinate the collaborative activities, liaise with community partners, and connect with residents. This employee will lead the PASOs Promotores community efforts and participate in the CBPR process.


This project will build trust between the WHRC Hispanic community and local community organizations. The community will feel more comfortable accessing existing local community resources such as public transit, food access, parks and shared activity spaces, childcare, and education resources. By building access and willingness to use resources, the ability of Hispanic families to prioritize healthy lifestyles that reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity will increase.


A local university will contribute to the project as the evaluation partner. They will lead the CBPR process to ensure the community’s involvement in each step of the research process, from problem identification to data collection and interpretation. Applying the scientific rigor of CBPR, we will conduct focus groups and town hall meetings with residents and service providers to identify the root causes of elevated Hispanic youth obesity rates and their corresponding upstream solutions.