The Hope for Health Collaborative endeavors to revitalize the Doyle Community, a historically isolated and segregated African-American and Hispanic neighborhood in Kerrville, Texas.This neighborhood is plagued by social and economic inequities, including; poverty, lack of education, few employment opportunities, transportation access, food scarcity, lack of affordable medications, and primary/mental healthcare. Beginning with local policy changes in partnership with the City of Kerrville, this multi-faceted project is focused on reconciliation and repairing a century of structural racism. This lofty goal requires strong partnership from community stakeholders dedicated to change.


BUILD and its communities apply bold, upstream, integrated, local, and data-driven (BUILD) approaches to improve health in communities that are adversely affected by upstream factors.


With unprecedented solidarity among cross-sector partners, the Collaborative has formed to disrupt the Doyle Community’s century of structural racism and isolation. The underpinning of systems change will focus on local policy changes to move a disconnected community in crisis to a community thriving and connected to resources. It is a process of reconciliation to thwart social inequities that have long restricted the Doyle neighborhood.


The Collaborative will focus on a spectrum of social determinants of health factors, including social supports, health, food, and transportation. In partnership with the Doyle residents, the Collaborative aims to co-create equitable outcomes for all in the neighborhood. Outcomes will include improved access to quality medical and mental healthcare, establishment of a medical home with case management, navigation to social services, access to healthy foods, and improving opportunities for educational attainment.


The Collaborative shares a vision to elevate health with upstreamist approaches. Healthcare workers from Peterson Health, alongside nursing interns from Schreiner University, will work at the Doyle Center conducting health screenings, tracking patients and securing medical homes. New Hope will provide a bilingual counselor. Public Health Region 8 will provide parenting, safety, and nutrition classes. Many cross-sector partners will address other community conditions, including environmental concerns.


Solving the inequities of 100 years while respecting and maintaining the history of the Doyle neighborhood takes kindness, mindfulness, and participation of all. Community leaders in Kerrville and Doyle, a network of 70+ nonprofits, and local foundations, working together alongside the Doyle residents, will help to solve food insecurity, transportation, and health issues. Local Doyle residents will be hired as a health navigator, community health workers, and a driver.


The partners will create a data-sharing culture so trends can be recognized, reports can reflect current conditions, and baselines can be established from which to observe changes, opportunities, and underlying factors. Health Navigators and Community Health Workers are hired from Doyle to help collect qualitative data through surveys and interviews to assess the current health conditions of residents, what residents need to thrive, and what barriers exist to obtaining those needs and social services.