SEATTLE, Wash. — Citizen journalism is nothing new in a world dominated by social media.  Retired TV producer Matt Chan simply wants to make it look better.

“The idea of citizen journalism is very important for communities,” said Chan, “Especially communities of color.”

After years of producing network television, Chan has taken time to focus on Seattle’s International District, a neighborhood he said, “has always been neglected”.

“It’s never had the attention of the city, because it’s Chinatown,” he commented.

His first video focuses on the unsolved murder of International District community leader and caretaker Donnie Chin, who was shot to death last July.

“I think the community feels that the lack of progress on finding his killer is symptomatic of the neglect of the area,” said Chan.

Seattle Police said Monday the International District “is a continuing area of focus” which includes emphasis patrols.  There is, however, no news on the Chin investigation.

A community meeting hosted by State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (D-Seattle) is scheduled for Thursday, which focuses on the Chin case and the police investigation.

Chan plans to continue to produce videos on the neighborhood’s other issues, in the hopes of getting it attention.

“It’s up to the community to tell their own stories,” he said, “And to tell people what’s going on.”