[K5 News]


SEATTLE — The City of Seattle is revealing a plan to increase safety in Chinatown-International District.

It comes almost a year after someone murdered Donnie Chin, a beloved community activist.

Mayor Ed Murray formed a task force and is now shaping a plan from those recommendations.

Part of those include a civilian position in Seattle Police Department for a year to focus on public safety issues in the area. A second position would be community based and would build a steering committee with a goal of cutting crime like open air drug markets.

“[The Mayor] appreciates that these are actually issues of neglect and dis-investment that have been going on for decades,” said Hyeok Kim, Deputy Mayor. “With the mayor’s action plan focusing broadly on public safety issues, this is a commitment from his administration and from our city.”

The City Council will comb through the recommendations these next four to six weeks and will ultimately have to approve the plan.