When applied together, the BUILD principles – Bold, Upstream, Integrated, Local, and Data-Driven – represent a powerful model that has the potential to transform community health and advance health equity. In the recently released BUILD Community Health Workbook, you’ll find a set of worksheets that can help your team to explore these principles together – the BUILD Collaborative Activities.

Snapshot of BUILD Collaborative Activity Worksheets, including Bold and Upstream

Explore the BUILD Collaborative Activities.

By offering a process to reflect on your work and document your responses as a collaborative, these activities offer an opportunity for your partners to develop a bold vision, align your understanding of key concepts, and create next steps for moving forward, together. They can also be a valuable foundation to return to as your work, your community, and your partnership evolves.

Below, we share a copy of the activities themselves for you to print and work on with your collaborative team members. BUILD awardees narrate how to use the activities in a set of accompanying videos.

Explore the BUILD Collaborative Activities

Hear from BUILD awardees about how to use the BUILD Collaborative Activities (full playlist):


Thank you to our partners at Do Tank, who supported the creation of these materials. Do Tank is a Global Innovation firm made up of strategists, innovators, facilitators, designers, and developers. They have a mission to help fearless leaders simplify complexity, align teams, and turn ideas into energy and action.

We also want to express our gratitude to the BUILD awardees who are guiding future collaboratives through these activities: Nicole Gyimah (Washington, DC), Clifton Fifer (Kerrville, TX), Vanessa Rodriguez (Greenville, SC), Jodi Cunningham (Cincinnati, OH), and Decrecia Limbrick (Houston, TX). Their local leadership makes BUILD possible.