There is an urgent need to facilitate and amplify community-centered efforts to remove economic and social obstacles to health, such as poverty and discrimination, and to ensure that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthy. In recent years, there has been a surge in models designed to cultivate and leverage multi-sector collaboratives to tackle the root causes of social problems through systems change, yet much remains to be learned about how such transformation happens in communities and how we, in our respective roles, can best support those who carry out this important work.

The question on our minds, and one that we know many of you reading this now are also considering, is: how can we best support communities in their efforts to advance health equity given the social, cultural, and economic realities we currently face?

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To try to answer this, BUILD embarked on a Listening Tour with BUILD awardees and funders during the pandemic to better understand ways to address racial equity, center community members, and strengthen cross-sector partnerships to drive system changes.

Check out BUILD’s new Listening Tour report and discover 5 key strategy recommendations supported by learnings from the field, testimonials from community leaders, and how BUILD is reimagining the future of community health.


This report is for cross-sector leaders interested in:

  • Centering equity
  • Strategies for operationalizing health equity
  • Hearing from community leaders
  • Better understanding the role programs play in supporting community efforts to advance equity