The Harris County BUILD partners leveraged each of their individual strengths and created a shared vision to address food insecurity and high rates of childhood obesity. Follow their journey over the course of two years as they worked to restructure the local food system in Pasadena, TX, and make it healthy, sustainable, and community-supported in this new case study.




Through a series of interviews, partners shared how their collaboration applied the BUILD principles of Bold, Upstream, Integrated, Local, and Data-Driven; their results in addressing food insecurity; and the lessons learned along the way. This report was developed for cross-sector leaders and practitioners looking for innovative ways to address today’s most pressing health challenges.





On December 5, 2018, BUILD hosted a webinar featuring the Harris County BUILD Partnership. They shared behind-the-scenes stories related to the case study and answered questions from participants. View the slides from the webinar to better understand their approach, implementation, and results.

Harris County is part of a larger series of case studies developed by BUILD, This special case study series details how the sites tackled the root causes of chronic disease in their communities with approaches in:

  • Healthy Living;
  • Food Systems;
  • Healthy Housing; and
  • Community Revitalization.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series scheduled for release throughout 2018 with our BUILD Case Study Overview.