What does long-term systems change look like for partnerships who work together to change the conditions that drive health outcomes?   

Eight years ago, we launched The BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) to support communities who are advancing health equity through multi-sector, community-driven partnerships. Recently, we wrapped up our third cohort of communities and announced our fourth. At the same time, we’ve continued to learn from the first and second, years after their initial award. For most, BUILD is just one part of a much longer journey for communities working to create change.   

In our latest report, “More Than the Sum: Networks, Public Will, and Scaling,” we share three new norms that evolve after a BUILD award, and how those new norms continue to advance systems change and drive long-term health equity.  

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Interested in learning more about systems change in action?
Explore these community vignettes from Denver, Northern Kentucky, and Trenton.

BUILD’s aspirations – to seed and sustain bold, upstream, and local cross-sector collaboratives that are working toward health and racial equity – are shared by many others. This report offers those working in community health and philanthropy, both locally and nationally, a deeper understanding of the complexity, emergence, and common patterns of change. One thing is clear: the work to advance community health and health equity is ongoing.   


This report was created in partnership with Equal Measure, our evaluation partner. Thank you to their team, and to all the communities who shared their experience and insight with us along the way.