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In 2015, The BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) was created with the bold goal of transforming systems through cross-sector partnerships, a focus on the social determinants of health, and community-driven approaches — so that everyone could have the opportunity to reach their optimal level of health. While health equity has been part of BUILD since its beginning, our understanding and practice of the concept hasn’t remained static. The role of health equity in our mission has evolved, and in so doing helped reshape BUILD into its current model — and centralized focus on equity — today.   

As the field continued to advance, the knowledge, goals, and practices of our communities drove us forward — to be more intentional and more explicit about BUILD’s commitment to equity. At the same time, we wanted to pause amid a growing national conversation around health disparities and racial injustice, and reflect on BUILD’s health equity journey to where we are now — and where we are headed.  

Explore our health equity journey.

In a new report, BUILD examines our journey, including the moments of growth, learnings, and pivot points that shifted our practice and advanced our mission. Moving to Center: BUILD’s Journey to Advance Health Equity offers a look back at how the role of equity evolved to become a critical and catalyzing driver of this national initiative, and offers strategies and key takeaways for others who may be on a similar journey.