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The BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) is a national awards program that has supported 68 local collaboratives across four cohorts since 2015, including 27 states and the District of Columbia. While their individual and collective impact is powerful, we recognize that our work is deeply interconnected with that of thousands more who are on the journey toward health equity with us. The groundswell of communities looking to employ cross-sector and community-driven approaches to improve community health and health equity is growing.

For those who are just embarking on this challenging and rewarding work, the practices and principles of BUILD can serve as a model for change, and the experience of BUILD communities as a resource for best practices. From the network of practitioners, local advocates, and experts that are the drivers of BUILD’s impact, we have collected our best recommendations, practices, activities, and tools to serve as a guide. We share them with you in our new resource, the BUILD Community Health Workbook.  

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Our nation continues to move toward a new vision of health – one that centers community voice, understands the toxic effect of racism on our collective wellbeing, and shares responsibility for improving the root causes and systems that impact our health. In achieving this vision, we hope the BUILD Workbook can serve as a steppingstone forward, and a foundation to return to and build upon as your partners’ aligned work iterates, grows, and flourishes. When the mission is so vital, starting with care and intention – together – is as important as the end goals.

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This workbook was created in partnership with ChangeLab Solutions. ChangeLab is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that uses the tools of law and policy to advance health equity. Since 2019, they have served as the technical assistance provider for BUILD awardees. Learn more at