It’s National Public Health Week (April 6-12, 2020)!

This week and every week, we at the BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) say THANK YOU to public health leaders across the country for their continued efforts to drive sustainable improvements in community health.

Caption: Messages of appreciation for public health practitioners from Bob Atkins, Brian C. Castrucci, Elena Marks, Rip Rapson, and Emily Yu.

In the context of COVID-19, it has become increasingly evident that healthy communities don’t just happen by accident. We rely on the expertise, skill, and innovation of those in public health to help guide us, especially during times of crisis. And over the last five years, more than 55 BUILD communities from across the country have illustrated what is possible when public health leaders, working in tandem with communities, hospitals, payers, policymakers, and more, come together to move resources, action, and attention upstream.

BUILD’s public health professionals and countless others around the world are actively working to help protect and improve the health of residents by working on everything from enforcing policies to improve nutrition standards, and designing walkable communities, to creating personalized campaigns to help people from all walks of life quit smoking. Much of their efforts you may not see on a daily basis, but they make a significant difference in our lives and ultimately improve the health of our nation.

So as we celebrate the 25th observance of National Public Health Week, I invite you to check out this video from several members of BUILD’s funding collaborative. Together, they share the philanthropic sector’s deep appreciation and gratitude for the contributions of public health practitioners in making sure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their optimal level of health and wellness.

Share your own message of support online using the hashtag #NPHW, or record your own video message at