Health Forward / Salud Adelante is:

  • Developing a systematic process to identify issues affecting health that can be changed​.
  • Training medical staff to identify health-harming social needs.
  • Coordinating legal, medical, and public health services.
Photo: Legal Assistance Foundation

Photo: Legal Assistance Foundation

Key Partners

  • Legal Assistance Foundation​
  • Cook County Health & Hospital System​
  • Chicago Department of Public Health​

In partnership with:

  • Rob Paral and Associates
  • Dan Cooper ​

Obstacles to Health and Identified Health Challenges

Substandard housing; poverty; food insecurity; lack of public benefits; lack of English proficiency; smoking, obesity, diabetes, asthma ​


Health Forward/Salud Adelante focuses on two of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city: New City and East Garfield Park. These neighborhoods are predominantly composed of immigrants and have become a true blend of languages and cultures.

Despite the vibrant nature of the neighborhoods, more than 40% of residents live below the federal poverty line, 45% are unemployed, and homicide rates are twice that of the surrounding areas. The organization plans to address the resulting issues of substandard housing, crippling poverty, food insecurity, lack of public benefits, and English proficiency. ​

The organization and its partners are committed to focusing on three specific targets:

  1. Health Forward / Salud Adelante plans to build a community-directed program that will enable residents to use their coverage to enhance their overall health.
  2. The organization is committed to facilitating attorney involvement in immigration advocacy as a forward approach to increase the overall well-being of the community.
  3. Health Forward / Salud Adelante seeks to equip the community with the tools to decrease health-harming legal issues and improve the outcomes of the community. ​