Engaging the Community in New Approaches to Healthy Housing in Cleveland, Ohio is:

  • Creating a Healthy Homes Zone.
  • Enacting prevention-based housing maintenance.
  • Determining feasibility of HMO reimbursements for asthma home visits.

Key Partners

  • Environmental Health Watch​
  • The MetroHealth System​
  • Cleveland Department of Public Health​

In partnership with: 

  • Stockyards Clark-Fulton Brooklyn Center​
  • The Cleveland Building and Housing Department​
  • The Hispanic Alliance and Spanish American Community​
  • Cuyahoga Place Matters Team​
  • HIP-C (a consortium of 50 partners) ​

Obstacles to Health and Identified Health Challenges

  • Unhealthy and unsafe housing with mold and moisture, pests, lead poisoning dangers, and fall hazards ​
  • Lead poisoning, asthma, COPD, and preventable injuries


Engaging the Community in New Approaches to Healthy Housing (ECNAHH) is set in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the poorest cities in the country. A large amount of the community has substandard, unhealthy, and unsafe housing, which contributes significantly to health conditions such as lead poisoning, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These factors have an outsized impact on poor, minority, and vulnerable populations. ​

ECNAHH seeks to improve asthma and lead poisoning outcomes related to unhealthy housing, as well as COPD and injury prevention. By focusing on prevention-based housing maintenance, integrated with strategically targeted home interventions, ECNAHH aims to reduce health hazards in the home.​

ECNAHH tactics include:​

  • Improving the rental registry to include more properties within the Healthy Homes Zone (HHZ)​.
  • Expanding enforcement of rental registry,  code violations  and environmental hazards.
  • Identifying a proactive rental inspection system with expanded healthy home standards​.
  • Implementing a home hazard intervention program that helps homeowners and/or landlords meet code and policy requirements.
  • Using shared data to target properties, conduct home assessments, and request city inspections​.