East5ide Unified

is a community-driven effort to ensure all children in five East Denver neighborhoods are valued, healthy and thriving by leveling the playing field for young children before they start school.

Key Partners

  • Leadership Team
    • Residents and community partners in East Denver neighborhoods
  • Core Team
    • The Civic Canopy
    • Denver Public Health
    • Denver Health’s Community Health Services
    • Diversity Dynamics

In partnership with:

  • SCL Health – St. Joseph’s Hospital

Obstacles to Health and Identified Health Challenges

  • Early childhood adversity including domestic violence, single-parent families, and out-of-home placements
  • Limited access to information on child development
  • Lack of support and resources for families, especially new and expecting families
  • High infant mortality, pregnancy-related depression, toxic stress​

east5ide united logo


We know that every young child and family in East Denver has the potential to thrive, but not every family has the same starting place. East5ide Unified is committed to establishing a community-driven, community-led effort to develop an East5ide Unified Action Plan designed to level the playing field for young children before they start school. We are focused on children in five neighborhoods in East Denver: Cole, Clayton, Five Points, Whittier and Skyland.

These five neighborhoods have deep community roots, strong social ties, and valuable assets to support children. Issues of racism, economic and educational inequalities, and other challenges cannot be allowed to overshadow potential or sell our children short. Every child deserves an even playing field by the time they start school. Every child and family should be able to trust their community to be their partners in achieving this goal.

East5ide Unified is bold and unique because the effort is anchored in family and community leaders who determine the direction, needs, and action of the initiative. The Leadership Team made up of family leaders and community partners guides the planning of the effort.